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A second glance is worth the time

Hi there! Sara from the Herpetology Department again. You might remember me from my recent #TakeoverTuesday, and I’m back to...
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Animal in Focus: Blue Crane

Hello! I’m Allie, a bird keeper at Zoo Atlanta, and today I’m going to delve a little deeper into one...
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Bald is beautiful

Here’s a special-edition Keeper Blog in honor of a big day coming up! September 2 marks the best day of...
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Zoo Atlanta’s other twins

I am sure by now everyone knows about the adorable giant panda twins that were born here at Zoo Atlanta...
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The Gorilla Species Survival Plan

Hey there, everyone! My name is Shay and I’m one of the new keepers in our Primate Department, specifically in...
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Caring for pachyderm pads

We recently celebrated World Elephant Day at Zoo Atlanta along with zoological organizations, conservationists, researchers and elephant enthusiasts all over...
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Blue crane chick vet check

Hey, Zoo Atlanta fans! It’s been a busy summer here at Zoo Atlanta, and on recent visits many of you...
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A day with Keju

Hey there! I’m one of the Zoo’s newer Primate Keepers, and today I’d like to take you through a day...
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Learning with Program Animals

Hello everyone, my name is Kayla and I have the amazing opportunity to intern with the Program Animals Department here...
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Getting the swing of things

Hello! I am one of the new Mammal Swing Keepers here at Zoo Atlanta. I have had a lot of...
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