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Bridging the gap

Hi everyone, my name is Wendy, and I have worked with ambassador animals for nearly 14 years. Recently, I started working here at Zoo Atlanta in the Outback area, spending much of my time in the petting zoo.

The petting zoo is a very popular place to visit for Zoo Atlanta’s guests. Not only is it a rewarding place for our guests, but it is also a very positive place for me. Zoo guests herd to the petting zoo on a daily basis; sometimes it is even the first place they visit. People of all ages come to visit the goats and sheep. Some guests come with a big smile on their face and confidently walk up to animals to pet or brush them, while others come with a straight face wanting to make a connection, but are not sure on how to approach; that’s when I step in. Just by showing guests how and where to pet the goats and sheep, that straight face quickly turns in to a smile. This is why I love my job working with ambassador animals. I get to see firsthand the connection that Zoo guests make with animals. Of course, guests can’t pet a lion or giant panda, but they can pet the herd animals and still bridge the gap of appreciating and cherishing all animals. 

I have quickly bonded to our herd here at zoo Atlanta. All of the goats and sheep have their own personalities that are unique to each individual. Come on by to the petting zoo; I’d love to share them with you.
Wendy R.
Keeper III, Ambassador Animals

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