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Baloo settles in

If you’ve been keeping up with our Keeper Stories lately, you’ll know we have been working on preparing a habitat in Complex Carnivores to welcome our new binturong, Baloo. We added new logs making an arboreal pathway throughout the habitat, a hammock, and several firehose walkways. 

In February, Baloo moved in! Once he was in the habitat, he explored the pathways and showed off his immense core strength, holding onto a branch with his front two feet and sloowwwllllyyy bringing the other half of his body onto the branch, too. That kind of pull-up would hurt my abs like crazy, but he does it in a calm, controlled way, showing us this is truly what he’s made to do.

Since he’s new to the area, we have been allowing him time to get acclimated. He has access to both his indoor and outdoor area while he gets comfortable in his new space and claims it as his own. The outdoors have been a chilly, rainy place lately, so he has chosen to stay inside most of the time during the day. We do have evidence that he goes outside at night, though! We leave food for him both indoors and outdoors, and the food outside usually disappears. In addition, a pile or two of binturong poop appears outside! As an animal that varies between being crepuscular and nocturnal, we expect to see a little more activity at night. 

Now that we’re headed into spring and warmer weather, we anticipate that Baloo will begin to spend more time in his outdoor area during the day. That hammock looks like a great place for a nap in the sun, and I’m sure he’ll be taking advantage of that opportunity soon!
Michelle E.
Keeper III, Mammals

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