Hoffmann’s Two-toed Sloth

Hoffmann’s Two-toed Sloth

Sloths are arboreal animals and are slow and deliberate rather than swift and agile. Specialized, enlarged claws enable them to hang upside down below the branches they traverse. Sloths derive their entire diet of leaves and some fruits in the trees, and they do almost everything upside down.

Choloepus hoffmanni


Mesoamerica, South America [VIEW MAP]

Forests, Rainforests

The sloths at Zoo Atlanta may be found in two habitats in KIDZone and Base Camp Discovery. The sloths at Base Camp Discovery may be seen year-round, while in the KIDZone habitat, they spend the cooler months in a warm indoor area. Sometimes it can take a bit of close looking to notice a sloth sleeping in an upper corner, or on a shelf, in their habitat —and don’t be surprised if they don’t move at all during your entire visit to the Zoo!

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