Meet Shamba

Western Lowland Gorilla
"Garden" in Swahili
ca, 1959
October 27, 2017

Shamba was an original pioneer of Zoo Atlanta’s Ford African Rain Forest, arriving at the Zoo in the 1980s. A mother, grandmother and great-grandmother, she leaves an extraordinary legacy for her critically endangered species, with more than 30 descendants living at Zoo Atlanta and at accredited zoos around the U.S. Her descendants include son Taz, the silverback of the large family group at the Zoo.

Shamba was known for her sweet disposition, which made her a favorite among her care team. She lived in a habitat with two other very special senior gorillas, male Ozzie and female Choomba. Shamba and Choomba were fondly known as “The Golden Girls” by the Zoo Atlanta family. All three arrived at the Zoo at the time of the opening of their rainforest habitat.

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