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An exciting welcome to Kiazi!

Zoo Atlanta is excited to welcome Kiazi, our first female white rhinoceros, to the Zoo. Kiazi traveled from the San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance in California. You may ask, how does one transport a rhino? 

When over land, the safest method of transport is in a travel crate built to hold a rhino, which is then loaded onto an 18-wheeler for the drive. Prior to leaving for Atlanta, Kiazi had opportunities to experience going into her travel crate, entering it voluntarily, and being comfortable there.

Once the truck arrived at Zoo Atlanta, we used a large forklift to transport both the travel crate, which weighed 4,000 pounds, and Kiazi, who is 3,500 pounds, from the back parking lot of the Zoo to the rhino behind-the-scenes area. Once they were placed in the front corral of the habitat (where you may have participated in or viewed a Wild Encounter), we opened the travel crate to allow her to walk out and begin exploring her new space. She will complete a routine quarantine period in the rhino behind-the-scenes area and will take the time needed to adjust to her new surroundings. After she is cleared from quarantine, the Rhino Care Team will start the process of introducing to her new habitat and, even more exciting, to Mumbles, our male white rhinoceros. 

The introduction process will take as long as needed, and the pace will be set by Mumbles and Kiazi. While Kiazi has been living in a social setting at San Diego, Mumbles has been living the single bachelor lifestyle since moving to Atlanta last year. Before Atlanta, he was living with two other male rhinos, so it has been some time since he has seen a female rhino. We anticipate Mumbles being excited to be housed with a female and will keep you posted on the introduction process.

Stayed tuned for the adventures of Mumbles and Kiazi!

(Photo courtesy San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance)

Kate R.
Lead Keeper, Hoofstock

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