Clouded Leopard: Naturalistic Feeding

Naturalistic feeding opportunity

Today’s activity is a naturalistic feeding opportunity that consists of a meal made up of a whole animal or a portion of a whole animal. Viewing may not appeal to all guests.

Healthy diets are a significant part of Zoo Atlanta’s commitment to ensuring that the animals enjoy the best possible care and well-being. As a new enrichment opportunity for a number of animals at the Zoo, many Zoo Atlanta carnivores now enjoy periodic opportunities to benefit from naturalistic feedings.

Naturalistic feeding opportunities are very beneficial for carnivores for a number of reasons. From a nutritional standpoint, the carnivores are able to consume bones, cartilage, tendons and hides as they would in the wild. This has many benefits for their digestive systems and dental health. Naturalistic feedings also promote physical exercise and are very engaging for the carnivores. For social animals, we also have an opportunity to promote social behaviors that would be seen in the wild.

To learn more, meet an educator at the animals’ habitat during today’s activity.

Monday, March 13 at 10:00 a.m. 

Clouded Leopard

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