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10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Treetop Tykes Trail

An all-new ropes course experience for our youngest adventurers.
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Wrinkled Hornbill Keeper Talk

Learn about wrinkled hornbills from their animal care professionals. 
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Diamondback Terrapin Keeper Talk

Learn more about Diamondback Terrapins from some of our animal care professionals. 
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Gorilla Trek

Venture into the jungle of Rwanda and observe gorillas in the wild – without ever leaving your seat at the...
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Wild Encounter: Petting Zoo Painters

Join the Animal Care Team and one of our talented animal artists, meeting either the Zoo’s “VanGoat” or “Baaahlo,” and...
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Magic Memories Photos

Now everyone can be in the picture! Upon entry, you’ll receive a “Memory Pass” card you will use to collect...
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Southern Ground Hornbill Keeper Talk

A Bird Team member will give an informative chat about southern ground hornbills, including information about their natural history, individual...
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Giant Snake Keeper Talk

A Herpetology Team member will give a talk about the green anacondas and reticulated python who live in Scaly Slimy...
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Zoo Seekers

Spark your curiosity and discover the surprising ways humans and animals are connected to the world around us in this...
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OOZ Grilled Cheese Truck

Our brand-new food truck, OOZ, features mouthwatering gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches and crispy tater tots.
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