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A transformation years in the making

Well, it’s 2019. This year, Zoo Atlanta will embark on an enormous adventure, the opening of the all-new African Savanna. This transformation has been years in the making, from sketches on paper, to computer designs, to blueprints, to meeting after meeting after meeting. What started as a dream is becoming reality this summer. The elephants, giraffes and other species of the African Savanna will all have brand-new, state-of-the-art habitats.

The African elephants here at the Zoo, Kelly, 35, and Tara, 36, have been at Zoo Atlanta since 1986. Prior to their arrival, the Zoo had only ever had Asian elephants, dating back to the late 1800s. The new habitat will offer many enriching opportunities for Kelly and Tara, and a spacious new indoor care center (to be named the Zambezi Elephant Center) will also have the capacity to ultimately house six to seven elephants – these are capabilities we have not previously had here at the Zoo.

As the construction process continues on the African Savanna, more and more details are being applied to this massive project. We’re excited about sharing more about the features of the indoor care center and the special design elements of the habitat space, including waterfalls, a pond with 360-degree access, an enrichment wall and more, so stay tuned! During your next visit, make sure to peek through the construction fencing viewing flaps to see how far everything has come. Just a few months to go!
Nate E.
Elephant Program Manager

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