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A passion for animal care

An Animal Care Specialist’s Rap
Deidre Ousterhout
Keeper II, Ambassador Animals

You may think my life here at the Zoo is pretty glamourous,
But don’t you dare go say that you’re jealous.
Cause after four years of college, it kind of hurts,
That all you think I’m qualified to do is look for poop in the dirt.

I’m a zookeeper.

I may smell like a goat, but I rake like a champ,
Call a bird to my glove and then send it right back.
I can train a tortoise and get a blood draw on an ape,
Like Tay Swifts sings “haters gonna hate.”

I’m a zookeeper.

I spent twenty minutes wrestling the hose,
Cause the keeper before me couldn’t wrap it like a pro.
I got keys on my belt and a radio on my hip,
I use it in emergencies: “Are the pandas on exhibit!?”

We feed those critters and we pick up that poo.
Come visit me at your Atlanta zoo,
And ask me your questions like, what’s with that trash?
Nah! That there’s enrichment, and I’m glad you asked.

We give it to the animals to stimulate their brains,
Help them stay active throughout the day.
They get ice blocks, puzzle feeders and special scents:
Sometimes I go home smelling like it.

I can see you standing there attempting not to laugh,
Try to keep it together when, in your face, there’s a tongue of a giraffe.

I’m a zookeeper.

When we feel our pockets, it ain’t funny,
No keeper ever said, “I do this for the money.”
All of us are here cause we love what we do,
If you don’t believe me, then come on to the Zoo.

Come to the Zoo and donate your heart
And I’ll tell you what, that’s a pretty good start.

To keep endangered species from leaving the planet,
Then just like us keepers you’re already at it,
To saving the world and a hundred thousand lives,
From the ocean floor to the Himalayan skies.

That’s just an average day for a keeper like me.
Come on to the Zoo and you’ll see what I mean.

I’m a zookeeper.

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