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A Tale of Three Bintlets

It’s been a little while since we discussed the Zoo’s baby binturongs, or bintlets if you prefer. A lot has happened with these guys over the past few weeks, but I guess I will start at the beginning to make sure everyone is on the same page. Starting in early 2023, we started to see breeding … Continue reading "A Tale of Three Bintlets"

Warthog piglets receive names

The 11-week-old warthog piglets at Zoo Atlanta have experienced their latest exciting milestone: receiving names. Meet Daphne, Penelope, and Eloise! Each piglet had the opportunity to “choose” her name with an enrichment activity. The piglets and their parents entered their habitat to find three large balls, each labeled with the letters D, P, or E … Continue reading "Warthog piglets receive names"

Panda Updates – Friday, November 13

Last week, I wrote an update about how research has shown that giant pandas have the ability to distinguish between even very subtly different eye markings, and so may be using those black patches around their eyes as unique “fingerprints” to identify each other. Since then, I have had some other really cool research shared … Continue reading "Panda Updates – Friday, November 13"

Another productive year for science

Wrapping up another productive year of research here at Zoo Atlanta, I’d thought I’d share with you the fruits of our labors. It was an exciting year in research at Zoo Atlanta! Our team published a whopping 14 peer-reviewed articles, bringing our Zoo total up to at least 362 publications since 1978 (every once in … Continue reading "Another productive year for science"

Rodent Bones

CSI at the Zoo! What happened to these animal bones, thousands of years ago? A research team at Emory University is taking advantage of the fact that we feed our animals natural diets. In other words, for example, owls naturally consume rodents as prey, so we feed rodents to our milky eagle owls. Komodo dragons … Continue reading "Rodent Bones"

Primate Research

Zoo Atlanta has a diverse population of primates, with multiple species from every major primate group (i.e. lemurs, monkeys and apes). We also have extensive collaborative projects with museums, zoos, and field sites worldwide, including the Great Ape Heart Project.