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What’s it mean when an animal is endangered?

What does it mean when an animal becomes endangered? There are a number of factors that fall under this consideration, including population numbers, the species’ geographic range and how many mature individuals are left in the population. Just as there are many factors, there are also many causes.

Although natural forces can take their toll on animals and their homes, most threats increasingly come from human activities. Threats include habitat loss for agriculture or over-population; over-harvesting; illegal hunting; the pet trade; climate change; unsustainable shopping practices; and so much more. In fact, scientists believe we are in a new era, the Anthropocene Era, based on the unmistakable impact we’ve had on our environment and on other species. According to the Smithsonian, we’ve altered more than 50 percent of the Earth’s land, and all of the emissions released since the industrial revolution are accelerating climate change. In mammals alone, the extinction rate is 55 percent higher than it was before humans existed (Smithsonian).

That’s why we’ll be hosting our Endangered Species event, this Saturday, May 12, from 10 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. This day is all about encouraging our guests and community to learn about the threats facing wildlife and get people involved in the solution to save species.

During this event, you can get to know many inspiring, endangered species and learn ways you can start being a species saver! Be sure to stop by our three Conservation Action Carts to learn more about a few major conservation threats facing today’s species: climate change, plastic use and non-sustainable shopping. At these interactive, educational carts, guests can learn, make and take away different tools to help them reduce our impact on the planet, and find out new ways to safeguard habitat for endangered species across the globe.

Join us at Zoo Atlanta and help us change the threat and be part of the solution!
Carissa Bishop
Conservation Education Initiatives Supervisor

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