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Help name the bintlets!

Thanks to all who voted to name the bintlets!

With nearly 2,300 votes cast, the names Oliver (male) and Fern (female) rose to the top in what proved to be a close race! Stay tuned for updates on when you’ll be able to see Oliver, Fern, and their brother Watson out and about in their habitat.

They’re not yet big enough to explore their outdoor habitat yet, but they need names! You’re invited to help the Carnivore Team finalize names for two of our three new baby binturongs.

Meet the Bintlets

Born on August 31, 2023, the newborns, two males and a female, are the first offspring of mother Bramble and father Baloo … and the first binturongs to be born at Zoo Atlanta!

Also known as “bearcats” for their physical resemblances to both, binturongs are neither bears nor cats but are instead most closely related to civets. Binturongs are one of only two members of the order Carnivora to feature a prehensile tail. Also distinctive is their scent, which is said to resemble buttered popcorn or corn chips.

Although all three bintlets are now thriving with their mother, the last bintlet to arrive, named Watson by the Animal Care and Veterinary Teams, was temporarily hand-reared until Bramble was ready to take on the challenge of caring for all three bintlets.

Read more about the bintlets’ story here! Stay tuned for updates on when you’ll be able to see the trio.