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Have a happy, greener New Year!

Happy holidays! We hope you checked out our first Conservation Blog this month to get some ideas on how to make this holiday season more green. And, as the holidays come to a close, here are a few easy things you can do to start off the new year on a green foot.

At some point, you’re going to want to get rid of your tree. But don’t just sneak over and throw it in your neighbor’s backyard – recycle it! Research the nearest place that offers free chipping, and your tree can become mulch for someone’s beautiful garden.

If you have an artificial tree that you are considering getting rid of, check if it’s recyclable, and if not, consider donating it. If you decide to keep it, you’re going to want to dismantle it into several confusing pieces and hide those in the very back of your attic to give yourself a fun challenge when it’s time to put the tree back up next year.

Next, if you received a new smart phone from Santa this year, that means it’s time to recycle your old one! You may have heard us talk about coltan before, but if you haven’t, read this blog. By recycling your phone, you are reducing the demand for coltan, and you are helping preserve the habitats of critically endangered gorillas. We have a drop box here at the Zoo, or you can check out, or you can give your old smart phone to a friend or family member.

Another fun activity you can do is get off all those pesky junk mail lists. About 115% of all your mail is junk anyway, so you might as well just never receive it. Check out some easy steps here to make your mailbox checking a more enjoyable experience for everyone. 

And, some final quick tips – if your family got some new toys this year that call for batteries, go buy some rechargeable batteries. Recycle all the wrapping paper you can, save those gift bags for next year, explain to everyone who sent you glitter-covered cards how microplastics are bad for the environment, and spread the word about the importance of recycling! Thanks for reading and have a happy, greener new year!

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