Meet Mumbles

Southern White Rhinoceros
He is named after the main character in the movie “Happy Feet.”
6 May 2011

Mumbles is the first southern white rhinoceros ever to live at Zoo Atlanta. He moved here in May of 2020 thanks to a recommendation from the Association of Zoos and Aquariums’ (AZA) White Rhino Species Survival Plan® (SSP). His care team describes Mumbles as laid back and friendly. He will seek attention from the people who provide his care and loves scratches – if his tail curls up, we know the scratches are really hitting the spot! His favorite foods are alfalfa, which he receives as a treat during training sessions, and the yummy grass in his habitat. He enjoys interacting with Boomer Balls – hard plastic balls that can be modified into a variety of enrichment items – and members of his care team. In warmer months, he is more active during cooler parts of the day. Look for him napping or wallowing in one of several mud holes in his outdoor habitat. In cooler months, he will have access to an indoor area you can view through windows.

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