Go Dogs Food Truck

A new addition in 2024, Go Dogs features Vienna all-beef hot dogs or Beyond Bratwurst with a variety of fun and mouth-watering toppings.

Open weekends from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Hours and availability may vary.


All dogs are served on a potato bun and come with seasoned tater tots. Gluten Friendly Buns may be substituted.

  • Classic: Vienna all-beef hot dog.
  • Chili Slaw: Chili & slaw.
  • Flamin’ Hot: Jalapeño cheese fondue, hot Cheetos dust, pickled jalapeños.
  • Southwest: Guacamole, chipotle aioli, crumbled bacon.
  • Garden: Beyond Bratwurst, peppers & onions, guacamole & pico de gallo.


  • Tater Tots: Crispy seasoned tots.
  • Chili Cheese Tots: Crispy seasoned tots with chili & cheese fondue.
  • All-In Tots: Crispy seasoned tots & mini corn dogs, jalapeño cheese fondue, chili, guacamole, pico de gallo & crumbled bacon.
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