What is “Dynamic Pricing?”

Dynamic Pricing means the prices for general admission tickets will change from day to day. Ticket prices may be higher on holidays, school breaks, and weekends when we typically see higher attendance. Ticket prices may be lower if you purchase further in advance and on days when the Zoo is less busy.

When do ticket prices change?

Dates further out may not change from one day to the next, but as we get closer to the date, prices may increase. If there is a change, the new prices will publish online around 1 a.m. Eastern Standard Time.

What will be the price of tickets on the day of my visit?

We will not know the walk-up price until a few hours before opening. We recommend purchasing tickets in advance on our website. You can check the day’s prices in advance by visiting our website on the morning of your visit.

Do I have to purchase tickets in advance?

Guests may purchase tickets at our front gates, but the day’s prices will be their highest on the day of the visit. We recommend purchasing tickets in advance on our website.

If I have already purchased tickets, can I visit on another day?

Yes, but you may need to pay the difference between what you paid and the newly published price for the date of your new visit. We recommend making changes as early as possible to avoid paying higher prices. Contact our Call Center at 404-624-5937 to make changes.

Do you offer ticket discounts?

If you are a Member or Corporate Ticket Partner, log on to your ticketing portal and use your Member portal login or Corporate Ticket Partner discount code to receive your discount on the date’s prices. Members receive 10% off the day’s prices.

AZA Reciprocal Members will receive a 50% discount on the walk-up prices for anyone covered under their home Zoo’s membership.

Other walk-up discounts and coupons are only applied to the day’s walk-up prices.

Can I purchase tickets and apply them to a Membership?

Yes, please contact the Member Services office at membership@zooatlanta.org or 404-624-5662 to learn more.