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Take your students on a Wild Walk

Are you searching for a way to enhance your students’ engagement with the science standards or want opportunities for hands-on experiences? Take a walk on the wild side at Zoo Atlanta to experience one of our guided tours, where students can get the inside scoop and make connections to wildlife from around the world.  Zoo Atlanta has not one, but four educator-led opportunities to enhance students’ learning with grade-specific topics that can be tailored to meet your needs.

One-hour options for Grades K-12th
Zoo Exploration Wild Walks focus on several topics such as animal adaptations, life cycles, food chains, research and conservation. During this tour, students will gain a better understanding of the Zoo’s animal ambassadors, their interconnectedness to the environment, and how Zoo Atlanta is working to save species around the world. During Zoo Exploration Wild Walks, educators will engage students with tactile biofacts to help provide context to the animals highlighted. For example, have your students ever wondered what an elephant’s tooth looks like close-up, or what the shed of an eastern indigo snake feels like? These are just two examples of what you’ll be able to see or touch during our Zoo Exploration Wild Walk.

Did you have a cup of coffee this morning? Have you ever wondered how you’re able to drink it without a mouthful of coffee grounds, or thought about how engineers came up with that improvement? STEM Wild Walks focus on bio-inspired designs, or innovations inspired by nature. Bio-inspired designs include air- and sea-going vessels, navigation tools such as sonar and radar, medical imaging devices, biomedical technologies like prosthetics, and water and pollution treatment processes. Curious to know how animals have inspired us? Joins us on our STEM Wild Walk and find out!

1.5 hour options for grades 3rd-12th
For students in 3rd grade and up looking for a more in-depth Zoo experience, sign-up for the Veterinary Clinic Wild Walk or the Animal Nutrition Kitchen Wild Walk. For $6 more, this 1.5-hour tour takes students behind the scenes to get an inside look at how we care for the Zoo’s diverse population of animals.

At Zoo Atlanta, the Veterinary Team helps ensure superior animal care every day. From blood draws and ultrasounds to operations and X-rays, the animals in our care receive a variety of check-ups to ensure their health and wellness. On the Veterinary Clinic Wild Walk, students will get to observe and test out tools that veterinarians and animal care team members use every day as educators explain the purpose behind different procedures. This unique tour will allow you and your students to visit the observation room of the M.S. Silberman Diagnostic Center to learn more about caring for wildlife at a Zoo.

Have you ever wondered how to get a gorilla to take a vitamin, or what a tiger’s favorite food is? On the Animal Nutrition Wild Walk, educators will share unique stories and facts about caring for wildlife at Zoo Atlanta. You’ll also go behind the scenes to visit the centralized diet operation known as the Animal Nutrition Kitchen. The majority of the animals’ diets are stored in this location, and you’ll get a firsthand look at how we maintain this space. Like you, the animals start with a healthy diet, thanks to our dedicated team.

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