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I’m working, I swear …

Hello from the Dominican Republic. Odds are I am sitting in a large conference hall listening to all the wonderful...
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Advancing excellence in animal care

Not only do animal care professionals spend a lot of time with the animals in their care and working on...
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Learning something new

As animal care professionals, it is always our responsibility to constantly strive for new information and better ways to take...
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Learning more about bird banding

Last year about this time I told you about the banding workshop I was able to attend on Hurricane Island...
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Learning from our peers at other AZA zoos

It’s summertime! Everyone is heading out to their favorite destinations for a little rest and relaxation. Some people head to...
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Workshopping for waterfowl

Towards the end of October, I had the opportunity to join Zoo Atlanta curator James Ballance on a trip to...
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Networking with peers in animal care

One of my favorite things to do Zoo Atlanta, besides taking care of the hoofstock animals, is being able to...
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The importance of professional development

Hello! As with all of my colleagues here, professional development is hugely important to me. I have been away from...
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Bird banding on Hurricane Island

A couple of weeks ago I was afforded the opportunity to attend a bird banding workshop on Hurricane Island off...
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Sharing our expertise with our peers

A few weeks ago, I attended and presented at the Animal Behavior Management Alliance (ABMA) Conference in San Antonio, Texas....
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