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Sharing knowledge with our peers

From Oct 28 through October 30, ambassador bird care professionals from zoos across the country landed in Atlanta for a...
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Time for training

Hi everyone! My name is Ryan, and I am going to talk a little bit about some of the training...
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Going “all-in” with animals

Hi everyone! My name is Hope and I am a seasonal bird keeper here at Zoo Atlanta. Before I became...
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Learning more about bird banding

Last year about this time I told you about the banding workshop I was able to attend on Hurricane Island...
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Learning from our peers at other AZA zoos

It’s summertime! Everyone is heading out to their favorite destinations for a little rest and relaxation. Some people head to...
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What does it mean when birds molt?

When I was very young, I used to think that when birds molted their feathers it meant they dropped every...
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Amana and Anubis: The saga continues

Another lappet-faced vulture breeding season is underway, and another chapter is being written in the love story that is Amana...
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One of the year’s biggest birding events

Winter is here, and as the temperatures and leaves continue to drop, many animals begin settling down for the cold...
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What’s up with all the sticks?

You may walk by our habitat for endangered lappet-faced vultures and see sticks all over the ground or see one...
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Workshopping for waterfowl

Towards the end of October, I had the opportunity to join Zoo Atlanta curator James Ballance on a trip to...
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