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Support the twins and the giant panda program at Zoo Atlanta 

We’re thrilled to welcome Lun Lun’s new twins to the giant panda family. Learn more about what you do when you support the cubs and the giant panda program they join. 

Who are you supporting?

Zoo Atlanta is a nonprofit, and Lun Lun and the twins have benefited from round-the-clock care from one of the nation’s top teams of animal care professionals. Support the twins – and the people behind them – with a gift toward the cubs’ care. 

What are you supporting?

Giant pandas are Zoo Atlanta’s most significant long-term conservation investment, with nearly 20 years and well over $10 million spent dedicated to the preservation of this endangered species. Of the fewer than 1,900 giant pandas remaining in the wild in China, more than 1,200 live within nature reserves. Support from Zoo Atlanta benefits wild giant pandas on eight of these reserves. Our support contributes to reforestation projects in China; construction of protection stations; resources for nature reserve staff; and monitoring of wild giant panda populations. 

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