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Shirley and Eleanor are getting ready!

Shirley and Eleanor are preparing to explore their new habitat soon! Part of these preparations include being ready to participate in the return of Warthog Wild Encounters. After the warthogs take some time to adjust to their new habitat space and routine, they will be ready to participate in meeting Wild Encounters guests again!

One way that Eleanor and Shirley are preparing for Wild Encounters is by learning to go to a specific station. The Warthog Care Team is working with them to train Eleanor to go to a station in the shape of an E, and Shirley to a station in the shape of an S. We have been working together on teaching this behavior to allow us to ask them to go to specific locations within their habitat and behind-the-scenes areas when they see these shapes. Having the warthogs be able to identify and locate these shapes when asked will allow us to move them to a designated spot and have them stay there for training sessions, or to have one of them remain at a station while the other is moving past her to a different location.

This is also helping them become more comfortable being in separate spaces so that they can alternate participation in Wild Encounters.
Sarah S.
Swing Keeper I, Mammals

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