Virtual Girl Scout Workshop

Join us this year on an outdoor adventure from the safety of your home as we explore arts, animals, and conservation while providing you the tools to keep the learning going. These one-hour virtual workshops will take you on a trip around the Zoo and engage Scouts in and fun and fascinating adventures, all while working toward your badges*! Each program will showcase Zoo Atlanta’s animal ambassadors and tie into the program theme of your choosing. 

*Please note that these workshops do not fulfill every requirement for these badges; most fulfill one to three requirements.

Request a date below - minimum 10 scouts to run the program.

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$15 per family


The Zoo is the perfect setting for your Girl Scouts to learn about nature and wildlife! All workshops are taught by an experienced Zoo Atlanta educator and include visits to some of our Zoo animal habitats. A portion of the workshop is spent doing guided activities that meet requirements for the following badges. 

Daisies will learn all about the sounds and colors in nature by virtually visiting, seeing, and hearing some of the amazing birds at the Zoo. We will then demonstrate a fun art project, inspired by feathered friends, that can be completed at home!

This program meets the following badge requirements:

  • See the colors of nature;
  • Hear the sounds of nature; and
  • Share your outdoor art.

Daisies will learn about how to protect nature and living things when they are outside.

  • Be prepared to protect nature before you go outdoors;
  • Keep living things safe when you walk in nature; and
  • Learn how to protect nature from trash.

Brownies will discuss how animals create designs in nature, such as beavers building dams or birds creating nests! We will then virtually tour the Zoo to learn about Zoo animal creations to gain insight and inspiration for animal-themed projects at home.

This program meets the following badge requirements:

  • Find art ideas outdoors;
  • Make something! and
  • Design with nature.

Brownies will think about how they can help the outdoors and take care of wildlife and will practice their outdoor observation skills.

  • Think of ways to help the outdoors;
  • Observe outdoor spaces; and
  • Take care of wildlife.

Juniors will discover how humans design for nature. From birdhouses and animal feeders to designing zoological habitats, we will virtually tour the Zoo and discuss why design matters and compare different habitats as we investigate the power of design.  Finally, we will demonstrate how to design your own birdhouses at home!

This program meets the following badge requirements:

  • Explore outdoor art;
  • Make something! and
  • Design with nature.

Juniors will learn about how wild animals are specialized to live in different habitats and will think about how to protect those habitats. 

  • Find out about wild animals;   
  • Investigate an animal habitat;   
  • Create an animal house; 
  • Explore endangered habitats; and  
  • Help protect animal habitats.

Cadettes will investigate how to design with nature! Using nature as our guide, we will discuss different patterns found in nature, like butterfly wings, flower petals, and leopard spots, and will then virtually tour the Zoo to find inspiration among our animal ambassadors. To conclude, we will share how to make an art project that interacts directly with the natural world around you!

This program meets the following badge requirements:

  • Explore outdoor art;
  • Make something! and
  • Design with nature.

Cadettes will explore the connection between humans and animals and will learn about some ways that humans and animals help each other.

  • Explore the connection between humans and animals;   
  • Find out how animals help keep people safe;   
  • Know how animals help people emotionally;   
  • Check out how animals help people with disabilities; and  
  • Look at how animals might help us in the future.

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