FrogWatch USA™

Why should I join as a volunteer?*

Frogs and toads are an important part of local biodiversity. They are a wonderful example of an indicator species because they are vulnerable to small changes in the atmosphere, the land or the water. Worldwide, many wetland species are declining in number, and monitoring the changes in their populations helps us understand what is happening in their environment.

With your help, you will be aiding scientists in tracking differences in frog and toad range and distribution, along with helping to monitor their population trends.

How can you join a FrogWatch USA™ Chapter?

  • Attend one volunteer training session in person or online.
  • Commit to monitor a site of your choosing at least three times throughout the breeding season.

*Best for ages 5 and up

Zoo Atlanta holds training sessions in January and February before frog call season starts.

If you can’t make it to a Zoo Atlanta training session, but are still interested in joining a FrogWatch Chapter, visit the FrogWatch USA site to find a training session near you. You may also take an online training session.

Zoo Atlanta FrogWatch Chapter Contact:

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