NightCrawler Overnights

Program Types:

NightCrawler: Family

As the sun sets and Zoo Atlanta closes its gates for the evening, you and your family can go behind...

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Nightcrawler: Scouts

After the sun sets, Scouts can go behind-the-scenes to see what really happens at the Zoo after dark!

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NightCrawler Schools: 1-3 grade

Discover China's national treasure, the giant panda! Learn all about the pandas' unique habitat, adaptations and favorite foods during this...

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NightCrawler Schools: 4 – 5 grade

Children use high-powered microscopes, night vision scopes, and more to explore the Zoo after dark! Zoo Tech is intended for...

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NightCrawler Schools: 6 – 8 grade

Visit Zoo Atlanta after hours and uncover why biodiversity is so important while exploring genetics! Biodiversity Explorers is intended for...

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NightCrawler Schools: 9 – 12 grade

Get an after-hours, behind-the-scenes tour of Zoo Atlanta and explore career opportunities within the Zoo and other environmental institutions. Our...

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