Elephants, giraffes, warthogs and zebras are not visible due to habitat construction.

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Wednesday, June 26

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Bamboo Donation Form page

Zoo Atlanta is fortunate to be able to count on a wonderful set of neighbors in the Atlanta metro area always willing to help us and the animals. 

One way you can help is by donating bamboo growing in your property. Bamboo is the staple diet of the giant pandas, but many of the other animals also enjoy bamboo as part of their diets.

As part of the bamboo donation process, we need to get a little more information about the location. Your information will then automatically be entered into our queue for an on-site evaluation. An on-site evaluation is required and involves the Zoo Atlanta Bamboo Team coming out to look at your bamboo in order to determine if you have a species that the animals will eat. If you do, we then place you in our database and pull from it as the need arises for that species of bamboo. Please note that we are unable to accept cut bamboo brought to the Zoo.

The Zoo team is working hard, harvesting bamboo every day, so please be aware that it may be several weeks before they are able to do your on-site evaluation. If your site is chosen for harvesting, you will be placed on a schedule according to our needs. We are very lucky to have many donors all over Atlanta, so we may not come to harvest for several months or even a year.

  • (brand name/chemical)
  • Evaluations are performed Monday - Friday during regular business hours. We do not require you to be present during the evaluation but we can schedule your site visit if that is your preference.
  • Please detail any fences or gates that need to be opened, or a dog on the property.