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Southern Ground Hornbill Keeper Talk

A Bird Team member will give an informative chat about southern ground hornbills, including information about their natural history, individual history, and conservation.

Biofact Exploration

Meet an Educator and learn about animals through biofacts. 

Gorilla Training Session

Watch a training session in action at the Willie B. Gorilla Conservation Center. Learn what training entails, why we do it, and see a demonstration of some of the behaviors we work on with the gorillas.

Zoo Seekers

Spark your curiosity and discover the surprising ways humans and animals are connected to the world around us in this all-new program for guests of all ages!

Warthog Keeper Talk

Learn all about warthogs from our animal care team.

Conservation Stations

Find these mobile stations throughout the Zoo to learn about a variety of conservation issues.

Bald Eagle Keeper Talk

Learn about Sequoyah the Bald eagle from his animal care team.

Hooded Vulture Talk

Learn about the hooded vulture. The talk will include information on their natural history, individual history and conservation.

Gorilla Feeding (Habitat 1)

Watch a keeper give the gorillas their afternoon fruit, and learn more about their care – a perfect chance to see the troop on the move.

Animal Encounter presented by Georgia Natural Gas

Meet an ambassador animal, and learn about its importance in the ecosystem. presented by