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Thursday, September 1

Loxodonta africana, the African elephant, known for its size and dominance over the African terrain, holds the title as the world’s largest land mammal. The African bull elephant can stand well over 10 feet tall and weigh more than 12,000 pounds. Despite their size, elephants are also quite nimble and can display incredible grace and … Continue reading "Thursday, September 1"

Tuesday, August 30

As summertime is coming to an end, the Bird Department takes down most of the nest boxes that we had set up for spring, during prime breeding season, and we reflect on how our year has gone thus far.  Most of our chicks have grown up, fledged, and are thriving with their families.  But on … Continue reading "Tuesday, August 30"

Thursday, August 25

Babies, babies everywhere! Babies are here and babies are coming. The spring and summer months are always filled with new life in the animal kingdom, and the animals at Zoo Atlanta are no exception. We have new additions to our Zoo Atlanta family popping up everywhere! From flamingo chicks, to snake hatchlings, from expectant pandas … Continue reading "Thursday, August 25"

Tuesday, August 23

Hello Zoo Atlanta fans! My name is Mari Arbir, and I am a new primate keeper here at the Zoo! I just wanted to take a minute to introduce myself and tell you a little bit about how I became a zookeeper. Then maybe another day I’ll come back and tell you some fun stories! … Continue reading "Tuesday, August 23"

Tuesday, August 16

Everyone always asks me what I had to do to become a hoofstock keeper at Zoo Atlanta. The answer is a lot! Many people don’t realize what all it takes to become a keeper at an AZA facility, and the literally thousands of hours of free labor I have spent working as an intern and … Continue reading "Tuesday, August 16"

Thursday, August 11

You might have heard of the cool immersion program called Keeper for a Day, and I know you’ve thought how it would be so awesome to do that program with elephants or carnivores, but the real action is in program animals. If you want to see over 30 species of animals learning new behaviors, and … Continue reading "Thursday, August 11"

Thursday, August 4

If you’re planning to visit the reptiles and amphibians at the Zoo, be sure to check out our Aldabra giant tortoises (Aldabrachelys gigantea). They are most active in the morning hours and spend time walking around grazing in their yard. By the warmer midday hours they can be seen cooling off in the mud pit … Continue reading "Thursday, August 4"

Tuesday, August 2

Guess what, everyone … it’s my birthday today! I’m looking forward to celebrating the day with lots of tasty food and cake, as well as spending time with my friends and family. With as many animals as we have here at Zoo Atlanta, you can probably guess that we end up celebrating quite a few … Continue reading "Tuesday, August 2"

El Valle Amphibian Conservation Center

At the end of July, I had the opportunity to travel to the El Valle Amphibian Conservation Center (EVACC for short) in El Valle de Anton, Panama, to get up to speed on their conservation efforts for the Panamanian Golden Frog and other threatened Panamanian amphibians. Arriving in Panama is always like a homecoming for … Continue reading "El Valle Amphibian Conservation Center"

Tuesday, June 28

Birds come in all different shapes, colors, sizes … and personalities. Some of our birds here at Zoo Atlanta are real characters. Getting to know different animals’ personalities is a really rewarding part of being a keeper, but it can also be extremely frustrating to work with birds who like to break the rules. A … Continue reading "Tuesday, June 28"