May 29 – June 1

June 4 – 8

June 11 – 15

June 18 – 22

June 25 – 29

July 2 – 3

July 9 – 13

July 16 – 20

July 23 – 27

July 30 – August 3


Conservation Crusaders/Craze
The world is full of creatures big and small and many are losing their natural homes. Spend the week learning about Zoo Atlanta’s animal ambassadors, participating in scientific research projects, and taking conservation action to protect their wild counterparts. This program engages participants in having fun while making a difference!

The Magical World of Plants
Whip out your wands, bring your inquisitive mind and join us as we spend the week learning about the magically-scientific powers of plants. From exploring plant-based medicines to the insect eating Venus Fly Trap, young botanists will dissect, observe, and use all their senses as part of this week-long exploration. At the end of the week, each participant will understand the important relationship between plants and animals in creating a healthy ecosystem for all.

Incredible Insects
Some creep, some crawl, and some fly, but they all are vital to our environment. From gathering insects from leaf litter in the Zoo to seeking out the animal ambassadors that eat them; young entomologists, will have a blast exploring the connection between insects and other animals. 

Animal Carnivale
Animals are a key component of cultures across the globe.  In this week-long animal celebration, participants will explore the animals of the Bayou of the southern United States and how they are key to their ecosystem and local culture.  During the week, each participant will create their own animal costume for the culminating celebration, the annual Zoo Atlanta Animale Carnivale Parade through the Zoo!

Animal Olympics
Are you faster than a cheetah, stronger than an orangutan, can you jump higher than a kangaroo? Find out in this week-long competition to see if you can beat our animals at what they do best! Each Olympian Participant will train for the games, as they learn about the animal adaptations that enable certain animals to be exceptional athletes. 

Animal Conservation Festival
Celebrate the diversity of animals on Earth through this week-long investigation of Zoo Atlanta’s animal ambassadors and the conservation issues that their wild counterparts face.  Specifically, participants will take on the role of designers and engineers as they learn about animal habits, adaptations, and conservation issues; then use their creative minds to design a game or interactive that represents them.  This program culminates in the first-ever Zoo Atlanta Animal Conservation Festival, where student-designed and built games and interactive experiences will be presented in a fun, carnival-like environment.

Quest Camp: Junior Keeper 
Who wants to be a keeper? Quest participants will be immersed in this important STEM career and get hands-on, minds-on experience, exposing them to the work of an animal care specialist here at Zoo Atlanta. Experiences during the week will range from developing enrichment experiences for our animal ambassadors to exploring how the Zoo ensures animal health through an animal training program.