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Main Act – Ford Pavilion
Stylish and hip, 30Vice is the result of what happens when a group of friends with amazing musical talents team up to create fun music. After many weekend jam sessions led to more demand for performances by fans across South Florida, 30Vice was born. Originally from Miami, 30Vice now calls Nashville home and we’re earning a following because of our unique sound that blends modern pop, Latin and R&B. Through this sound and high energy, we were fortunate enough be and perform in the recent motion picture blockbuster, Pitch Perfect 3. Come party with us. We are 30Vice!


Flamingo Plaza
Vocalist and songwriter creating a new sound that blends Reggae with most genres while maintaining its natural form of Ska and Rocksteady.

The Tuten Brothers

Picnic Party Pavilion
The Tuten Brothers is an up-and-coming country band from Athens, Georgia, that seems to have a fire and a passion in its sound that country music hasn’t seen in years. Inspired by classic country and rock ‘n’ roll, brothers Walker and Sam Tuten are the dynamic and energetic frontmen and songwriters of the group. Known for their epic live show, they’ve already made a big splash in the Georgia music scene, headlining for packed houses at the iconic Georgia Theatre and opening for acts like The Dirty Guv’nahs and Drake White.  

Zach Cambria & Baby Rose

Opening Act – Ford Pavilion

Shanice Green

Shanice Green gives us a necessary break from the norm. In a world that’s seemingly obsessed with the next Top 40 hit, it’s very rare to come across an artist who embraces soul and authenticity. Shanice Green pours pure, unfiltered “soul” into her listeners hearts. She has managed to find a sweet spot between acoustic soul, blues, and “folky-pop” that sits just right. While Shanice accompanies herself expressively and rhythmically on acoustic guitar, it’s her rich, euphonious vocals that truly heal hearts.