J.O.E.Y. Volunteers serve in a variety of roles at Zoo Atlanta’s public events. This can include helping to run activity or craft stations, helping guests find their way around the Zoo, dressing up and assisting costumed characters, and more! There are nearly 40 events each year to choose from, but some of the most popular events are:

J.O.E.Y. Volunteers are able to choose which events they volunteer for, as well as their shift times. J.O.E.Y.s must serve during nine events each year, but there is no minimum requirement on service hours. Shifts are typically offered in two to three-hour time slots. With the variety of events offered, there are situations and roles that can fit kids of many different interests and abilities.

In addition to helping at public events, J.O.E.Y.s get to attend special events or learning sessions just for them! Party for the Planet is a quarterly event that gets kids out in nature while they learn about different conservation topics. J.O.E.Y. Junctions are two-hour learning sessions where kids and their parents will learn about different animal topics from Zoo experts, complete an activity, and enjoy time with each other. These are also offered quarterly, and in different months than the Party for the Planet events.