K-2 Animal Super Senses

Animals have amazing adaptations that allow them to sense their world in unique and awesome ways. For example, a bald eagle’s eyes have two centers of focus, allowing them to see both forward and to the side simultaneously, while snakes can sense the heat of other animals nearby! Spend the semester engaging in fun activities that explore the five senses and learn how animals use their super senses to survive in the wild.

3-5 Biophysics: Wildlife Wonders

Elephants communicate through audible sounds, but they can also communicate by sending seismic waves that are transmitted through the Earth from their feet. Through biophysics, we can use the theories and methods of physics to understand how biologic systems work. Each month we will explore and investigate different principles in physics to learn about biological phenomena in nature. 

6-8 Ecosystem Connections: African Savanna

All life is connected on the African Savanna. From the tiny mound-building termites to the enormous elephant, all life plays an important role in maintaining a healthy ecosystem. Explore the all-new African Savanna habitats this fall to gain a better understanding of the savanna ecosystem, the ways the animals are connected to one another, and the role we play in ecosystem balance. Students will also have the chance to learn about the many ways the Animal Care Team provides a healthy habitat and ecosystem for animals in the Zoo’s care.   

9-12 Vet Academy

Animals at Zoo Atlanta receive superior care from the Animal Care and Veterinary Teams. From wellness checks to disease prevention, more than 1,000 animals in our care receive physical examinations, nutrition evaluations, vaccinations, dental checks and much more! Spend the semester taking on the role of a Zoo veterinarian to learn what it takes to draw blood from a lion or X-ray a turtle. View our Vet Clinic and take part in mock case studies to explore the science of how we diagnose and treat animals.