K-2 – All About Birds – Birds come in all shapes and sizes and play important roles in the ecosystem. Spend the semester investigating bird species and habitats, ways we can study birds, how birds inspire human design, and how we can help our feathered friends.

3-5 – Classification Craze – It’s a wild word out there full of amazing animals. Over the course of the semester, students will make scientific observations, utilize technology used by field researchers, and partake in engaging activities to gain a better understanding about animal classification and adaptations while learning about conservation in action.

6-8 – Exhibit Design – What does it take to design a habitat for animals in the Zoo? Spend the semester learning about the Sumatran tiger and how STEAM plays a critical role in the process. Students will work together to redesign a space that fits the needs of the animals.

9-12 – Bio-Inspired Design – Have you ever thought about where the design for Velcro came from? Or what flamingos and water filters have in common? There’s a good chance that the objects you use daily were inspired by something in nature. Spend the semester being inspired by the plants and animals that surround us, and collaborate as a group to think about real world applications using the Zoo as your inspiration.