Brew Entertainment


Dial Up
Rock out to the best music of the 90’s with Dial Up. Their high-energy covers will transport you back to a decade where your CD collection defined you. Join them on a musical journey of rock, grunge, pop-punk and brit-pop.

Coyote Anyway
The story of Coyote Anyway is a long road with many forks. Comprised of Dave Kirslis , Matt Garrison, Zeke Sayer and Matthew Pendrick, the group has roots that run deep. Born and raised in Georgia, the members of this coyote collective have steeped in the rich music culture of the south, and digested its potent tonic to heart. It’s the sound of old friends coming together to play what comes naturally and what feels good. Over the years they have shared a thousand stages with some of the best around. Toes get to tappin. Hearts get to bumping. Everybody have a real good time.

Jacob Deaton
Jacob Deaton (singer/songwriter/guitarist) is a notable musician in Atlanta for over 17 years. Jacob has played on America’s Got Talent and has performed with Col. Bruce Hampton, Charlie Starr (Blackberry Smoke) and many others. 


Christopher Ruch
Enjoy an intimate performance of your favorite songs from Christopher Ruch of The Spins.

Vocalist and songwriter creating a new sound that blends Reggae with most genres while maintaining its natural form of Ska and Rocksteady.

The Michelsen’s
Versatile and adaptable, The Michelsen’s are known for their ability to be delicate as well as powerful, soothing as well as edgy…and always an experience to witness. The brother/sister duo is recreating your favorite music with a fiery performance and a fresh, new twist.



The Titos
You think you’ve heard them before, but you haven’t. Dubbing their sound “suburban soul,” the Titos positively crackle. They blend the musical traditions of the south — blues, gospel, a little country — with hip-hop cadences and rock-and-roll attitude to create a sound that is uniquely theirs.

Hailing from Atlanta, RTW is a Modern Alternative Rock band consisting of veteran musicians from Atlanta to Anaheim, California. With roots in Blues, Classic Rock, and Funk, RTW delivers a high-energy rocking show leaving you wanting more.

Amanda Belair
As an Atlanta native, 24 year old Amanda Belair is a singer/songwriter working tirelessly to serenade Georgia with her arsenal of original music. She fuses Rhythm and Soul to create a truly unique sound and style, working her way into iconic music stops across the state such as Eddie’s Attic, Red Clay Music Foundry and Smith’s Olde Bar. In 2020, Amanda has worked in collaboration with a variety of other artists and has released her content on a variety of streaming platforms.