Coast Guard

Coast Guard hits the stage armed with classic pop hits of the 60s through today – a special collection of songs that are old enough to be immortal and recent enough to conjure memories. The stable of in-demand vocalists wield command over selections from the era’s brightest vocal stars like Diana Ross, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Hall & Oates and many more. The crew backing them up is comprised of some of Atlanta’s best musicians, and together Coast Guard delivers the sound of a party.

Main Stage Opener – DJ Zano
Biography coming soon!



Amelia is a singer/songwriter based out of Atlanta, Georgia. She draws influences from several artists, including – Macy Gray, Billie Holiday, Nina Simone, Amy Winehouse, Ruben Studdard, and Neil Young. When she sings it’s apparent that she’s not confined to one genre and has the ability to switch styles and tones with ease. Her music pays homage to the past greats while blending contemporary sounds and styles to create her own timeless music.

Instagram: @meggyamillz


VIP Preview Party – DJ Ree de la Vega

Ree de la Vega started as a music and nightlife lover and became a sought-after party-starter and promoter.  Over time, Ree became the unofficial nightlife concierge to the developing Atlanta music and nightlife scenes.  She effortlessly transitioned into DJ and is now one of the most sought after DJs in Atlanta. With her residencies at W Hotels, Mary’s, STK, and MJQ, Ree shares her love for all forms of dance music. She is a classic vinyl collector and loves crunk, funk, and disco.

The DialUP

Remember flannels, slap bracelets, beepers and the sweet sound of a dial-up modem? What about getting online to download your favorite jam, hoping someone didn’t pick up the phone? We do!

The Dial Up is an Atlanta-based, 5-piece band that is bringing the retro party to the modern day. From pop punk, emo and grunge, to alternative, pop and straight up rock & roll, The Dial Up plays some of your favorite songs from the 1990s and early 2000s.


The Titos

You think you’ve heard them before, but you haven’t. Dubbing their sound “suburban soul,” the Titos positively crackle. They blend the musical traditions of the south — blues, gospel, a little country — with hip-hop cadences and rock-and-roll attitude. Alternatively plaintive and swaggering, their lyrics wrestle with hollowness and heartbreak, violence and unexpected joy. Guitarist and Atlanta native Alex Lotito writes and sings the songs. His vocals are as warm and prickly as bottom-shelf whiskey — and they’ll draw you in just the same. The Titos are currently working on their debut LP, which they hope to release in the summer of 2019.


Sol Rizing

SolRizing Band is a sultry all-female reggae band that merges the influences of reggae greats like Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Rita Marley, and Sister Nancy with the soul singing of reggae and R&B crooners like Tanya Stephens, Stevie Wonder, Erykah Badu, and Patra. SolRizing takes you on a journey of love, upliftment, heartbreak, survival, community, spirituality, and redemption. You will get lost in the black woman magic as they weave a spell of feel-good rhythms, melodic instrumentation, and intoxicating harmonies that will engage and revitalize your soul.