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Enter the Wildeverse!

Zoo Atlanta is proud to be the U.S. partner of the international launch of Wildeverse, a NEW free mobile game that transforms your home into the jungle with Augmented Reality. Find out what it takes to be a wildlife scientist as you track real apes living in the wild in the rainforests of Borneo and the Congo.

Developed by Internet of Elephants in partnership with conservation organizations the Borneo Nature Foundation and Goualougo Triangle Ape Foundation, Wildeverse is jointly launched by Zoo Atlanta (U.S.) and the Chester Zoo (U.K.)

Wildeverse was initially developed as an outdoor game, but game developers worked around the clock in recent weeks to make it suitable for indoor play as well, providing people at home with alternative ways to connect with nature.

  • Wander through a life-sized jungle and encounter wild apes – all from your living room! The game is free and accessible to anyone with a recent smartphone.
  • Join a team of wildlife scientists and help them collect the data needed to protect the last wild spaces on Earth and the apes who call them home.
  • Meet Fio the orangutan, Buka the gorilla, Chilli the gibbon and Aida the chimpanzee – real apes living in the wild.
  • Collect food traces, footprints and more.
  • Take and share photos of your friends and family in the virtual jungle! Share them with us using #entertheWildeverse and #OnlyZooATL.

Wildeverse is available for free download in the Appstore here or at Google Play here. Explore more about the game at wildeversegame.com.

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