International Vulture Awareness Day

September 7

Bring the family for an action-packed day devoted to some of Earth’s most crucial creatures!

Nature’s Clean-Up Crew

Found on every continent except Antarctica and Australia, vultures consume carrion – a food most other animals won’t touch. As such, these often-misunderstood birds are invaluable contributors to ecosystems around the world. We don’t want to imagine a planet without them – not only do they keep our environments clean, but they also prevent the spread of disease. 

What’s the problem? 

Vultures are among the world’s fastest-declining bird species. Of the 10 African vulture species, seven are now listed as critically endangered or endangered. Their decline is largely due to poisoning and consequences of poaching. One poisoned elephant carcass can kill as many as 500 vultures. 

You can help by sharing what you know with others, and be sure to join us on September 7 to learn more about what you can do to protect vultures around the globe, as well as right here at home in Georgia. 

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