World Snake Day

July 16

10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

World Snake Day is a day to celebrate snakes, raise awareness, and debunk some common misconceptions.

  • Meet a member of the Herpetology Team to hear about the snakes we have in our care.
  • Learn all about snakes through biofact exploration, games, and activities.
    • Discover the value snakes add to any ecosystem.
    • Get a chance to see, touch, and feel snake sheds from various species.
    • Learn how Zoo Atlanta works to help conserve native snakes.
  • Can’t join us in person? Check out Zoo Atlanta’s social media networks for a special World Snake Day takeover.
  • Show you’re a conservation hero year-round with the purchase of an Animal Awareness Day tote bag!
    • Use provided fabric markers to decorate and make your bag as unique as a giraffe’s spot pattern.
    • All proceeds go to the Zoo’s conservation fund that allows us to help animals in the wild and their habitats.

Activities are free for Zoo Atlanta Members and children under 3; free with general admission. 

Why should you care?

Being represented by over 3,000 species across six of the seven continents, snakes are some of the most widespread and biodiverse animals on the planet. Not only are they diverse in habitat and diet, but they are diverse in their benefits. That’s right: benefits. All snakes are good snakes, because all snakes are natural pest control. They primarily feed on small mammals, which have been known to destroy crops and spread disease. Keeping the small mammal population size in check is a necessary task, which snakes are great at! And they are also indirectly lowering the tick population at the same time! Did you know that timber rattlesnakes are estimated to help remove 2,500 to 4,500 ticks annually by eating animals that carry them?

On top of helping with pest management, venomous snakes are highly valuable to the pharmaceutical industry. They provide medical benefits through their venom, including being used as an ingredient in drugs to treat certain kinds of cancer. Researchers and scientists are continuing to learn about the different properties and uses of snake venom, which could potentially lead to discovering more life-saving drugs. But in order to do that we need snake venom, which means we need snakes.

Unfortunately, habitat loss and fear are threatening these incredible animals, including Georgia’s very own eastern indigo snake, one of the state’s 46 known native species. Join us at Zoo Atlanta on July 16 to celebrate World Snake Day and learn about the many benefits of Georgia’s native snakes, as well as find out what you can do to help preserve them and their natural habitats. See you there!


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