World Otter Day

May 27 At Home!

Today is the day to celebrate the giant otters at Zoo Atlanta and their otter counterparts around the world! Whether you are at home or visiting Zoo Atlanta, there is something for you to do. 

At home:

  • Follow Zoo Atlanta on Facebook and Instagram pages for a special World Otter Day takeover! Learn all about Bakairi and Tocantins, the otters who call Zoo Atlanta home.
  • Get creative and design your own otter and fish puppets!
  • Prepare to dive in and hunt like an otter during a water sensory bin game.
  • Put your sleuthing hat on and help us crack the code with the World Otter Day mystery.

Visiting the Zoo:

  • Stop by Bakairi and Tocantins’ habitat to wish them a Happy World Otter Day.
  • Share photos or videos of these giants swimming, basking in the sun, or making sure they are heard with their loud vocals. If you post on social media, make sure to use #WorldOtterDay!

Why should you care?

Giant otters are one of 13 otter species that can be found in various waterways around the globe. These giants are extremely social. They hunt and travel in packs, and will fiercely defend their territory against other groups, earning them the nickname “river wolves.” Positioned at the top of the aquatic food chain in their South American habitats, giant otters are an important indicator species. Their presence indicates a healthy, well-balanced, and non-polluted ecosystem.

Unfortunately, giant otters are one of the 12 otter species with populations that are rapidly declining. Habitat loss, polluted waterways, and loss of prey all contribute to this decline. But you can help!

  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle (and in that order)! Cut out single-use plastics from your daily routines.
  • Shop sustainably! Learn about the Seafood Watch program and how your choices can help otters and other water-dwelling species.
  • Support organizations like Zoo Atlanta, a contributor to conservation efforts worldwide, and organizations like Save the Giants and the International Otter Survival Fund who focus on otter conservation.

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