World Gorilla Day

September 24

Zoo Atlanta joins conservation stakeholders, zoos, wildlife organizations and individuals around the world in observing World Gorilla Day on Friday, September 24. Be part of this fifth-annual event highlighting gorillas and their habitats and the need to act for gorillas in the wild.

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  • Make a pledge to help gorillas.
  • Learn about gorillas through biofact exploration and activities!
  • Be a conservation hero with the purchase of an Animal Awareness Day tote bag!  
    • Use provided fabric markers to decorate and make each bag unique.
    • All proceeds go to the Zoo’s conservation fund that helps animals in the wild and their habitats.

Activities are free for Zoo Atlanta Members and children under 3; free with general admission.    

What is World Gorilla Day?

First launched in 2017, World Gorilla Day is an animal awareness day geared toward celebrating gorillas and empowering global communities to take action for all four gorilla subspecies (mountain gorilla, Cross River gorilla, western lowland gorilla, and Grauer’s gorilla) and their conservation. As the home of one of North America’s largest populations of gorillas, Zoo Atlanta is proud to join other organizations in highlighting this event.

What’s the connection between cell phones and gorillas? 

Celebrate at Home!

Learn more about what organizations around the world are doing to help save gorillas, and find more World Gorilla Day resources at

At Home Activities

Know Your Noses

In this activity, participants will learn how researchers in the wild tell individual gorillas apart. Match the nose prints to the gorilla profile photo.

Download (PDF)

Gorilla Grooming

In this activity, kids will learn about gorillas and their social behaviors.

Download (PDF)

Forage like a Gorilla

In this activity, kids will learn about gorillas and how they forage for their food.

Download (PDF)


Watch and Learn

Gorilla Olympics

Through the Gorilla Olympics, you and your household will engage in challenges that explore these adaptations and determine who is the “best adapted” gorilla!

Download (PDF)

Gorilla Paint-ionary

Households will compete in a game of Gorilla Paint-ionary to see who is the ultimate foot-painting champion!

Download (PDF)

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