Wild on the Rocks

October 29 At Home!

6 p.m. to 7 p.m.

A virtual happy hour with the most interesting Zoo Atlanta professionals!

Introducing your newest online obsession – sorry, Netflix – brought to you with a twist and a stir … or a shake if you prefer. Join us for monthly programs bringing you a featured cocktail you can make at home, with a talk from a well-seasoned – or over-seasoned – Zoo professional who has a story or two to tell! Warning: You might learn something.

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Silverback Stories: The Lives and Times of Zoo Atlanta’s Most Eligible Bachelors, as told by Jodi Carrigan, Associate Curator of Primates

What’s 300 pounds, has a way with the ladies, and enjoys fresh kale? A male western lowland gorilla, of course. Home to one of the largest populations in North America, Zoo Atlanta has quite a few celebrities with the scientific name Gorilla gorilla gorilla, a name so nice you say it thrice! Sit back and relax as Jodi reminisces on some of the most famous leading men in Atlanta – Willie B., Ivan, Ozzie, and Taz. These boys may make you blush as she recounts their little black books. Hear what it’s really like to care for these special primates and learn more about how Zoo Atlanta has been so successful in their care and conservation efforts over the years. 

Cost: $15 includes program and make-from-home cocktail recipe.

Ages 21 and up, please. Education and hilarity are meant to be enjoyed responsibly, even from home.

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Meet the Expert

Jodi Carrigan, Associate Curator of Primates

Day Job:  Associate Curator of Primates; I manage the amazing primates (and the sloths – although sloths are not primates!) and the awesome team members who care for them at the Zoo.

Spirit Animal:  Gorilla.

Superpower:  I’ve been told that I have superpower hearing.

Coffee or Tea: Neither. But I do like wine.

Teleport: Definitely to Rwanda, to be in the presence of the mountain gorillas.

Meet the Cocktail

Harvest Punch

Perfect for fall, the Harvest Punch incorporates flavors synonymous to the season, such as apple, ginger, and cinnamon. This lovely libation may be made as a single serving or as a batch cocktail for easy entertaining. Cheers!

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