Kori Bustard Day

March 23

Join us for an activity-packed day devoted to some of the Zoo’s coolest birds: kori bustards! 

Why should you care about koris? 

Although their population size is unknown, it is estimated that kori bustard populations have declined by as much as 21 percent in east Africa in recent years. Challenges include habitat loss; habitat fragmentation; collisions with power lines; and illegal hunting for bushmeat, traditional medicines and feathers.

Zoo Atlanta contributes to kori bustard conservation by participating in the Kori Bustard Species Survival Plan® (SSP) and by educating our guests on the factors creating challenges for this species in the wild.

You can help! Help us support research and breeding programs to protect this species in zoos and in its native Africa, and help us spread the word to raise awareness of the impact of habitat loss and the bushmeat trade on African wildlife.

Want to learn more the kori bustard?

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