Kori Bustard Day

March 27

10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Join us for an activity-packed day devoted to some of the Zoo’s coolest birds: kori bustards!  

  • Meet Tuza and Zola, the kori bustards at Zoo Atlanta. 
  • Enjoy games and activities showcasing Earth’s heaviest flighted birds; and 
  • Be a conservation hero and purchase an exclusive Animal Awareness Day tote bag. 

Activities are free for all guests. 

Why should you care about kori bustards?  

It is believed that kori bustard populations have declined around 25% over the past 47 years, but there is not a current total population estimate. Kori bustards are still common in areas where they can live undisturbed by humans, but those areas are becoming fewer and further between over time 

A main threat is that kori bustards in Africa suffer from many collisions with power lines each year. Similarly, here in the United States, many of our native birds suffer from collisions with windows. Human-made structures are a necessity for our lives, but changes can be made to help our feathered friends, here and abroad. For example, Zoo Atlanta uses bird tape on our windows to help prevent collisions.  

You can help kori bustards by supporting organizations that participate in kori bustard conservation, research, public education, and awareness. 

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