Golden Lion Tamarin Day

August 2

10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

August 2 marks the day to raise awareness for the small but mighty golden lion tamarin (GLT)! Visit Zoo Atlanta to enjoy a day highlighting this remarkable primate.

  • Meet a member of the Primate Care Team during a keeper chat to learn about the care GLTs receive at Zoo Atlanta.
  • Learn all about GLTs through biofact exploration, games, and activities.
    • Due to their size, GLT features may be hard to see. Get up close with skull replicas, handprints, and footprints to observe their physical traits.
    • Gain GLT and sloth trivia knowledge through an interactive “race to the finish.”
    • Discover what makes a species a good pet option, and learn why primates do not belong in your home.
  • Can’t join us in person? Check out Zoo Atlanta’s social media networks for a special GLT Day takeover.
  • Show you’re a conservation hero year-round with the purchase of an Animal Awareness Day tote bag!
    • Use provided fabric markers to decorate and make your bag unique.
    • All proceeds go to the Zoo’s conservation fund that allows us to help animals in the wild and their habitats by partnering with organizations like the Golden Lion Tamarin Association.

Activities are free for Zoo Atlanta Members and children under 3; free with general admission.

In the Wild …

Golden lion tamarins are small primates found only in a small area in Brazil’s Atlantic Coastal Forest, in the state of Rio de Janeiro. The golden lion tamarin is listed as endangered, with only about 2,500 remaining in the wild and another 500 living in zoos around the world. One of the major threats to golden lion tamarins is habitat loss and fragmentation of the rainforest.

Zoo Atlanta has partnered with the Golden Lion Tamarin Association in Brazil. The Association has been working to reconnect fragmented golden lion tamarin populations by building Brazil’s first wildlife overpass. The overpass allows all animals to safely cross the busy highway, and it connects two isolated forests.

You can help save golden lion tamarins by sharing your knowledge with friends and family! Also, check out for more information.

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