Clouded Leopard Day

August 4 At Home!

Join us for Clouded Leopard Day as we put a spotlight on this well camouflaged cat.

At Home!

  • Check out Zoo Atlanta’s Facebook or Instagram pages for a special Clouded Leopard Day social media takeover to unlock some of the secrets of this arboreal beauty.
  • Discover the value of camouflage by completing the Candy Camouflage Challenge, or create some beautiful Camouflage Art! Activity instructions below.
  • Discover how being a conscientious consumer helps support clouded leopard conservation. Get the whole family involved with Barcode Bingo!
  • Practice your searching skills by completing the Clouded Leopard Word Search.

Visit the Zoo!

  • Support clouded leopards and other animal species by visiting the Zoo.
  • Visit Complex Carnivores and challenge yourself to spot Suhana, the clouded leopard at Zoo Atlanta. Clouded leopards blend in superbly thanks to their beautiful coats. Since these are arboreal animals, you’ll have luck searching high up in the habitat.
  • Talk to a Zoo Atlanta Exhibit Interpreter and learn more about clouded leopards.
  • Share Suhana pictures and videos on social media using the hashtag #OnlyZooATL.

In the Wild…

Listed as Vulnerable by IUCN Red List, clouded leopards are in peril for many different reasons.

Habitat disturbance, including logging, palm oil plantations, and illegal farming of rare trees for wood has negatively impacted the quality of habitat available for clouded leopards and their prey. Poaching for meat, skins, and bones has increased substantially as tiger and leopard populations have disappeared. One market in Myanmar has seen a 200% increase in clouded leopard parts in just the last two years. Live clouded leopards are also becoming increasingly popular in the wildlife trade, as they are collected to be kept as pets or as status symbols for the wealthy.

You can help.

The easiest way to help clouded leopards is to only use products that contain sustainably sourced palm oil. Download Cheyenne Mountain Zoo’s free Sustainable Palm Oil App and use it when shopping.

Learn More

Candy Camouflage Challenge

In this activity, kids will learn about clouded leopards and camouflage.

Download (PDF)

Clouded Leopard Word Search

In this activity, kids will learn about the secretive clouded leopards by completing the word search.

Download (PDF)

Camouflage Art

In this activity, kids will learn about clouded leopards and camouflage.

Download (PDF)

Barcode Bingo

Find products in your home made with sustainable palm oil.

Download (PDF)

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