Wreathed Hornbill

Wreathed Hornbill

The wreathed hornbill’s name comes from its casque, which bears a flattened wrinkled band, or wreath, at the base of the bill. The very large bill aids in reaching fruits on adjacent branches, or branches too small to bear the weight of these large birds. Hornbill species, in general, are known for their spectacularly large bills, large size, and the habit of many species of sealing the female into an impenetrable nesting space where she and her young are fed entirely by the male.

Aceros undulatus


Southeast Asia [VIEW MAP]

Grasslands, Mountains, Wetlands

During nesting season, there is a peep-hole on the back side of the wreathed hornbill nesting/holding space where guests may get an idea of what it’s like to peek into a female’s walled-in nesting chamber.

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