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African Savanna School and Group NightCrawlers

Picture this: You’re in Africa, and nighttime is falling on the savanna. You bring your dusty Jeep to a stop and pull out your binoculars to gaze across the watering hole at a herd of elephants. You are filled with a deep sense of awe as you watch these magnificent animals pluck leaves from nearby trees and dip their trunks into the murky water. Sounds great, you might be thinking, but I can’t afford to visit Africa right now. Luckily, Zoo Atlanta offers the next best thing!

Come experience the all-new African Savanna from a completely different perspective – nighttime! Participants will engage in fun, interactive activities throughout the Zoo that connect them to wildlife and conservation initiatives. Students will have the opportunity to explore this brand-new experience with knowledgeable educators who will focus on the magnificent animals of the African Savanna. All programs include Zoo tours, behind-the-scenes experiences, and a guided tour of the new African Savanna space. These fun, educational programs are perfect for school groups, Scout troops, and other groups looking for a unique experience at the Zoo. All programs are grade-specific and designed to engage the audience in a fun and meaningful experience.

In the African Elephants program (Grades 1-3), students will learn all about one of the most charismatic and recognizable savanna creatures, the African elephant! As the largest land animals on the planet, African elephants play a big role on the savanna. From trunks to tusks and ears to toes, spend the night learning all about elephants and their amazing adaptations. Students will explore elephant biology, social rituals, and what it takes to care for these animals through hands-on activities.

How do you study a giraffe or track a zebra? The Research in the Savanna program (Grades 4-5) investigates how scientists work to protect wildlife through their research. Get hands-on experience as you discover how scientists do field research in Africa, including radio tracking, photo trapping and field observations. Learn about current research efforts happening in Africa, and find out how Zoo Atlanta is involved. Participants will have the opportunity to use actual technology utilized in field research!

Designed for middle school students, The Savanna Ecosystem program (Grades 6-8) introduces students to ecology concepts such as food webs, populations, communities and biodiversity. Everything is connected on the savanna. From the tiny termite to the African elephant, learn about the interesting and sometimes unusual relationships between animals that live in the savanna, and find out why maintaining biodiversity is important for healthy, functioning ecosystems.

The Conservation and Communities in Africa program (grades 9-12) engages high school students in real-world conservation issues and role-playing. Living with lions and elephants on the savanna has its inherent benefits and challenges. Discover the relationship between wildlife conservation efforts in Africa and the livelihoods of local African people. The unique game format of this program allows students to portray different roles as they engage in conservation decision-making processes to learn about the complexities of balancing human welfare and wildlife conservation in Africa.

To learn more about School and Group NightCrawler programs, including upcoming dates, click here.

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