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WHAT: Zoo Atlanta will be closed on January 20 due to unseasonably cold temperatures expected throughout the day on Saturday. Check for updates on opening times for Sunday, January 21.    The Zoo’s grounds will be closed for the safety of visiting Members and guests, but animal care continues regardless of whether the Zoo is … Continue reading "ZOO ATLANTA WILL BE CLOSED ON SATURDAY, JANUARY 20"

Panda Updates- Wednesday, January 10

Some of our panda fans have recently asked questions about Ya Lun’s eyes, so we wanted to provide the facts as shared by our Veterinary Team. Ya Lun has been diagnosed with allergies which caused some alopecia around the eyes. She is on allergy medications and is doing well. Her mother Lun Lun has always … Continue reading "Panda Updates- Wednesday, January 10"


ATLANTA – February 15, 2023 – Jackie, the red panda at Zoo Atlanta, will soon be off on a new adventure at a new home. The 5-year-old male will be leaving Atlanta for Zoo Knoxville in Tennessee during the week of February 20, 2023.  Jackie’s move was recommended by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums’ … Continue reading "JACKIE THE RED PANDA WILL SOON DEPART ON A NEW ADVENTURE"

Panda Updates- Monday, January 23

We recently have been receiving larger bamboo culms from our Bamboo Team. This batch of culms has been super tasty to the pandas, and the result is a lovely belly of bamboo shards. They sit contentedly eating while the pile slowly gets larger and larger. Lots of shards equals a happy panda. Mel S., Keeper … Continue reading "Panda Updates- Monday, January 23"

Panda Updates- Monday, January 9

Each giant panda here has a different personality and quirks that make them unique from the others. However, there is one thing that I’ve learned during my first few months with the pandas; no one likes wet paws. It is very silly to watch them actively avoid puddles in the outdoor habitats or within the … Continue reading "Panda Updates- Monday, January 9"

Panda Updates – Monday, January 31

If you have visited the Zoo recently, you may have noticed that Jackie is a bit more active these days. This could be attributed to a few things. For one, red pandas are native to high elevations of the Himalayas. As such, the cold weather we have been experiencing is perfect for him! However, one … Continue reading "Panda Updates – Monday, January 31"

Panda Updates – Friday, January 21

It tends to be common knowledge that giant pandas are native to China, but did you know that other bears also live in China? Four species of bears occupy different regions of the country: giant pandas, sun bears, Asiatic black bears, and brown bears. They are all found in different territories, noted below.  Giant pandas … Continue reading "Panda Updates – Friday, January 21"

Panda Updates – Wednesday, January 12

When I reflect on the past year, there are a lot of amazing moments. Keeper Trish and I both started here on the Panda Care Team within the last year. As a primary team, she, Keeper Heather, and I have worked hard to be a cohesive unit (along with the amazing other care team members … Continue reading "Panda Updates – Wednesday, January 12"

Panda Updates – Wednesday, January 5

Happy New Year! The pandas rang in the new year with special 2022 enrichment, and it was a big hit! Check out how Jackie and Lun Lun celebrated. (photo: Trish J.) Trish J. Keeper I, Mammals

Panda Updates – Monday, January 3

Recently, Trish J. offered some tips on how to tell Ya Lun and Xi Lun apart. One of my favorite ways to tell the girls apart happens when they are asleep. Ya Lun often sleeps so deeply that her teeth are visible. Ya Lun developed this quirk a couple of years ago. When we first … Continue reading "Panda Updates – Monday, January 3"