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The natural rate of extinction on Earth is one or two species per century. Scientists estimate we are currently losing up to 100 species per day, and most predict that half of the animal species alive today will become extinct in the next 100 years.

When you sponsor an animal, you help us continue our conservation work here at the Zoo and around the world. And you help us continue sharing these animals’ magnificence with Zoo visitors.

New! Sponsor Lun Lun's newborn twins
Giant panda twins

Support the giant panda twins born September 3, 2016, with a full year of Sponsorship for the newest members of our giant panda program. 

Sponsor our giant pandas at the Champion level or higher between now and the twins’ first birthday on September 3, 2017, and enjoy these commemorative benefit upgrades with you sponsorship:
  • Twin plush pandas;
  • Timeline of panda cubs’ growth and milestones; and
  • An updated panda twins photo and certificate after we mark their 100 Day Naming tradition
Species available for sponsorship
African elephant African lion Giant panda Black rhinoceros Red panda
Sumatran tiger Orangutan Giraffe Gorilla Alligator

Sponsorships of other species are available upon request. Specially requested species not listed here may require additional processing time.

For a full list and more information on threatened species worldwide, visit the IUCN Red List.

Special benefits and discounts

  • Current Zoo Members call 404.624.5662 to receive your discount on your Animal Sponsorship.
Sponsorship Levels
eKeeper $25
Steward $50
Champion  $75
Advocate $100
Guardian $250
Protector $500
Print at home certificate
Print at home animal image
Animal photo
Animal photo
Animal photo
Animal photo
Animal photo
Print at home fact sheet Fact sheet 
Fact sheet 
Fact sheet 
Fact sheet 
Fact sheet 
  Window cling Window cling Window cling Window cling Window cling
    Plush of your sponsored animal Plush of your sponsored animal Plush of your sponsored animal Plush of your sponsored animal
2 Admission tickets
4 Admission tickets
8 Admission tickets
Zoo Atlanta reusable tote bag
Zoo Atlanta reusable tote bag Zoo Atlanta reusable tote bag
      2 blank note cards 4 blank note cards
        Your name on the Web Board Your name on the Web Board

Animal Sponsorship guidelines
  • All sponsorship animals are available to an unlimited number of sponsors.
  • Levels and benefits are subject to change without notice.
  • Sometimes, for a variety of reasons, your chosen animal may no longer be available for sponsorship.
  • All donations to the animal sponsorship program support Zoo Atlanta’s conservation work and are partially tax-deductible.
  • Processing may take up to 10 business days. If you need your benefits processed sooner, please call 404.624.5662 or email rarecare@zooatlanta.org.

Web Board
Thank you for your generous sponsorships!

Protector Level of Sponsorship
Sponsor Since Sponsor Name Animal Sponsored
March 2009 Amy Haywood Sumatran tiger
June 2010 Richard and Diane Hudson Giant panda
June 2013 Edward Ressler Giant panda
December 2014 Peggy and Don Rogers Asian small-clawed otters
March 2015 Erin Day Sumatran tiger
April 2015 Springmont Montessori School and Ms. Mei Giant panda
September 2015 
Julia Miller 
Western lowland gorilla
March 2016
Heather Rietz
Giant panda
August 2016
In Memory of Pierson Clinton Lazzari
Red panda
Guardian Level of Sponsorship
June 2009 H. & A. Waterbury Giant panda
September 2013 Mr. and Mrs. William May Giraffes
April 2014 Edward Ressler Giant panda
June 2014 Barbara Ann Cebula Giraffe
December 2014 Susan and Will May Giraffe
December 2014 Isaac Griberg Giant panda
December 2014 Benjamin Carmichael, Jr. Eastern black rhinoceros
December 2014 Alda & Ronnie Anderson Orangutan
December 2014 Greg and Cheryl Martinez Thibodeau African elephant
December 2015 Ann and Dan Alves  Giant panda
March 2016
The Eichelzers
Western lowland gorilla
May 2016 Taylor Hills  African elephant
July 2016
Denise Glover
Bald Eagle
July 2016
Micayla Woods
Giant panda
August 2016
Melba Jackson 
Giant panda
Zoo Atlanta Panda Family Level of Sponsorship
December 2014 Katie Brennan Giant panda
December 2014 Sarah Jakelski Giant panda
January 2015 Meredith Massey Giant panda
January 2015 Theresa Klinkert Giant panda