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Introducing Quarters for Conservation, our permanent commitment to sending a portion of every Zoo ticket to field conservation programs for species in need.

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Zoo Atlanta runs conservation programs in Georgia and across the world. The conservation of wild animals and their natural habitats is fundamental to our mission.

We work with local communities to conserve their environment and promote sustainability.

Project List

96 Elephants
Black rhino conservation in Zimbabwe
Recycling for Elephants
Gorilla Field Conservation in Central Africa
Giant Panda Projects
Golden Lion Tamarin Conservation Program
Red panda conservation in Nepal
Sun Bear Conservation in Sumatra
Tiger conservation in Aceh and across Sumatra
Chilean Flamingo Banding Project
Reptiles and amphibians
Amphibian Discovery and Conservation in Latin America
Alligator Lizard Conservation
Asian Turtle Crisis
Diamondback Terrapin Head-Start Project
Ecological Restoration in the Galapagos
Green Sea Turtle Health Assessment
Guatemalan Beaded Lizards Conservation
Indigo Snake Head-Start Project
Quarters for Conservation
Seafood Watch®
Bog Restoration in Georgia
Conservation Education Initiatives in China
Palm Oil Problem
Species Survival Plan

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Projects by Species

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